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What Rebates are Available?

Cash rebates for energy efficient hot water services.

There are a number of government initiatives designed to encourage the use of energy efficient products including the use of Quantum Heat Pump hot water services.

Small Scale Technology Certificates

Every Quantum Heat Pump installed is eligible for a rebate under the Federal Government Small Scale Technology Certificate Scheme (STCs). For a product to be eligible, it is required to undertake independent testing to determine just how efficient it is. It is then awarded a number of energy efficiency certificates (STCs) based on this result.

The number of STCs a product is awarded is a direct representation of how much energy the system will save over a 10 year period, compared to a conventional electric water heater. The higher the STC rating, the more efficient the system, and the more you’ll save in electricity.

STC Rebate Value Calculations

The final dollar value of an STC rebate depends on a heat pump’s energy efficiency, the location of its installation and the current STC trading value.

Click here to use the Quantum STC rebate calculator.

You can also view the STC values for all Quantum heat pumps here together with a guide to Australia’s rebate zones by postcode.

For more information on STCs, visit: ret.cleanenergyregulator.gov.au

  • How you can save

Government rebates on this product are available today. With ever-increasing energy costs it makes sense to invest in an energy efficient hot water service and now is a great time to upgrade.

  • Federal Government rebates

  • Apply for your rebate through Quantum

  • Cash rebate paid to your bank account.


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