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Technical Specifications

Product information and technical specifications.

For individual product performance and other technical information including product dimensions, download the appropriate specifications sheet below:

  • Classic Domestic Compact Range

  • 150L Solar Heat Pump Specifications

  • 200L Solar Heat Pump Specifications

  • 270L Solar Heat Pump Specifications

  • 340L Solar Heat Pump Specifications

  • Platinum Domestic Compact Range

  • Platinum 270L Solar Heat Pump Specifications

  • Commercial Compact Range
  • Titan 340L Solar Heat Pump Specifications

  • Titan 340L Split System Heat Pump Specifications

  • Rebate claims process

Follow the steps below to claim your Small Scale Technology Certificates rebate:

  • Download and complete a claim form

  • Return completed form to together with:

  • A Certificate of Compliance from the installer of your heat pump;

  • A tax invoice or photo of the tank label;

  • Bank details to receive your payment.

Calculate Your STC Rebate

Find out how much you'll save by installing a Quantum Heat Pump.

If you live in Victoria, there is an additional State Government program whereby eligible installations are awarded Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs), also redeemable for a cash rebate. For more information on VEECs, visit:

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