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Claim My Rebate

Applications for STC rebates.

To receive your payment, submit the claim form below and assign the STC credits from your Quantum heat pump to Quantum.

Small Scale Technology Certificates

A Federal Government energy efficiency rebate incentive.

  • STC Rebate claims process

Follow these steps below to claim your Small Scale Technology Certificates (STC) rebate

Download and return the completed claim form together with:

  • A Certificate of Compliance from the installer of your heat pump if applicable;

  • A photo of the new installed tank; 

  • A photo of the label on new installed tank; 

  • Copy of Tax Invoice showing proof of purchase.

  • Bank account details to receive your payment.

Calculate Your STC Rebate

Find out how much you'll save by installing a Quantum Heat Pump.

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STC values are nominal and are subject to change due to market fluctuations.