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Why Choose Quantum?

The experts in heat pump water heating technology.

The Quantum story is based on innovation and the quest to harness renewable energy to produce sustainable hot water.

The origins of Quantum go back to the mid 1970’s when extensive research work was undertaken by the University of Melbourne in the development of heat pump technology for the production of hot water. Today this patented technology is used in thousands of Australian homes as well as commercially in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe.

With over 30 years of on-going product development, Quantum are the experts in Solar Heat Pump water heating . Our products have been tried and tested to perform reliably and efficiently throughout Australia, in even the harshest water and weather conditions.

Water heating is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions from an average Australian home and the second largest segment of household energy use in Australia, after space heating and cooling1

By installing the most appropriate and efficient water heater for your household size, water use patterns and climate you can save money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions without compromising your lifestyle.2

Most people are aware of three ways to generate hot water in their home or business – electric, gas or conventional solar (with roof panels and a booster element); but there is a fourth, and it’s one of the most efficient hot water systems available – the Quantum Solar Heat Pump.

Installing a Quantum heat pump system is almost identical to installing a regular electric hot water system. There are no roof panels or additional components, meaning an easy, trouble-free conversion from electric hot water to sustainable and reliable solar hot water for your home.

Our commitment to on-going product development and customer service ensures that Quantum remains the number one choice when it comes to Solar Heat Pump hot water.

1Australian Government, Your Home – Australia’s guide to environmentally sustainable homes (2013). 2DCCEE 2012

  • Did you know?

Hot water heating accounts for about 23% of your homes’ total energy usage, and is the second highest contributor to your annual electricity bills, using more energy than almost all of your other domestic appliances combined.1

  • Proven performance over time

  • Australian owned and operated

  • Heat pump technology innovator

  • Over 30 years’ experience.


Why Choose Quantum?

Solar without roof panels
Hot water from solar energy, without the need for direct sunlight or roof panels. Heat pumps generate hot water day and night.

Innovative Tank Wrap™ design
Quantum’s wrap design offers one of the fastest hot water recovery rates in the heat pump market.

Suitable for use in harsh water quality conditions
The water does not make contact with any operational components, only the inner lining of the tank.

No booster element
Quantum heat pumps operate in ambient temperatures as low as -10°C. No booster element, means less energy consumption.

Easy installation
No roof panels and a compact design resulting in reduced labour and installation costs.

Save on power bills
Can cut up to 70% of running costs compared to some electric storage units.

Low noise rating
Ultra quiet operation as low as 48dB – less than an average split system air conditioner.

Federal and state government rebates available
Eligible installations attract a substantial energy efficiency cash rebate.


The Largest Range of Solar Heat Pumps in Australia.

With the largest range of compact heat pumps available in Australia, Quantum has a solution for your home or commercial project.

Our extensive range of products can service single bedroom/bathroom residences, right through to multi-level offices, hotels, motels, resorts, recreational facilities, retails outlets; and everything in between. We can also tailor a solution for your specific commercial applications.


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